Deal Announcement – Bigfoot and Nessie!

I’m so excited to finally be able to share this news! I wrote a graphic novel for kids called Bigfoot and Nessie, about, you guessed it, Bigfoot and Nessie. It’s about their friendship, but at its heart, it’s also a story about finding creativity without putting pressure on yourself–something I struggle with a lot.

The idea came about after binge watching a lot of We Bare Bears, and I was thinking about Charlie (he’s a bigfoot, if you’re not familiar with the show) and how he doesn’t want to be photographed, and I started thinking what if a bigfoot did want to get photographed? But was also failing at it? I added in Nessie, who’s got the exact opposite problem–she’s too famous and is trying to avoid getting noticed–and it came together from there.

Laura Knetzger, who writes and draws the Bug Boys series, is doing the artwork, and I’ve seen it, and it’s amazing! Check out her artwork in the Bug Boys cover below. And also go read it, because it’s a really fun slice-of-life series about two friends having adventures.

New Read – Adventurer’s Academy

Adventurer’s Academy

It’s no surprise when Serena, straight-A magic student, gets into her dream school, the Adventurer’s Academy. But getting placed in Remedial Sorcery? Total shock. Apparently it’s not enough to be good at magic–you have to be good at teamwork, too. But it’s not her fault people are so hard to get along with. Especially her annoying lab partner, a cute warrior who thinks all sorcerers are cowards. Now Serena’s determined to prove him wrong, no matter what the cost.

I’m trying out Kindle Vella! I have no idea what I think of the platform yet, though it is very satisfying to get thumb’s ups on episodes. This story is complete, and you can read the first three episodes for free!


Art Post – Angry Hot Dog


Angry Hot Dog, based on the angry hot dog Gene was drawing over and over on an episode of Bob’s Burgers. (I don’t remember which one!) Here you can see Hot Dog angrily ranting while crossing the street with Ketchup, who’s heard this rant a million times and is so over it.

Made in Rebelle 4. The foreground is watercolors and the background was made with oil pastels, I think on yucca paper, which is my favorite of the papers I’ve tried so far.

The Unicorn Rests in a Garden

I’ve been doing a lot of drawing ever since I got a graphics tablet this last Christmas, and while I’ve been posting it over on Facebook and occasionally Instagram, I’ve fallen way behind on posting it on my site. I’ve lost track of what order I made these in, so I’ll start with this one, based on my favorite of the unicorn tapestries, The Unicorn Rests in a Garden:

I’ve also started a RedBubble shop with some of my designs. I don’t know why, but there’s just something really satisfying about seeing your work as a cut-out sticker.

What Happened to Demon in My Dorm Room 2?

I’ve put off writing this post because I hate feeling like I’m disappointing anybody or letting anyone down, and I know people were waiting for this book, but… it’s just not happening. I got kind of burnt out on these books working really hard on book 1 and the first half of book 2–maybe more than I realized–and while I was taking a break, life stuff happened, and a beloved pet died, and when I came back to work on this, I felt like a different person, and writing each scene was more and more of an uphill battle.

Which sucks, because there were a bunch of really fun, cute scenes I wanted everyone to read! But continuing with it felt forced and like I was just burning myself out even more, and it didn’t feel fair to these characters I love, or to the readers.

It was really hard to hit the “unpublish” button on the pre-order, and I’m so sorry to everyone who was waiting for this one. Maybe someday I’ll find a way to share what I have written and tie up loose ends, but for now, at least, it has to go to the back burner.

New Release: Demon in My Dorm Room!

If you’ve been following along in the newsletter, you’ll have heard me talking about this for the past few months, but if you’re just tuning in now… I wrote a new book! It’s the start of a new series about a witch who gets more than she bargained for when she summons a demon to be her date for the dance, and I am super in love with it!

It’s easy to get caught up in feeling like there are certain ways books are “supposed” to go, or at least it is for me. And I don’t mean “supposed to” as in actually be satisfying stories, but more like… having physical action and bad guys and stuff I don’t really care about writing. Because what I like to write is slice-of-life stuff with some magic elements thrown in. (Which should surprise literally no one who’s ever read anything I’ve written, lol.) So that’s what I did with this book. Well, with these books, because I’m a good chunk of the way through book 2 already.

And it turns out that not forcing in stuff you’re not really excited about makes a huge difference. And maybe reading this book won’t feel any different to you guys, because if you’re here for my characters and my sense of humor, then that’s what you’ll be getting, but to me, writing only the parts I liked and leaving out the parts I didn’t was game changing. That’s not to say I don’t love my other books, but I feel like the parts I love writing–character interactions and interpersonal drama, plus a bunch of embarrassing moments–sometimes get eclipsed by the parts I don’t love writing–action, bad guys, etc.–because I felt like that was how they were “supposed” to go. But it turns out they don’t have to go that way at all, and I’m a lot happier only doing the stuff I like instead of the stuff I don’t. Who knew?

Anyway, Demon in My Dorm Room is available now on Kindle and in Kindle Unlimited. Scroll down to see the gorgeous cover and to read the blurb:

I just wanted a date for the dance and now I have to live with a demon??!

I’m Isabel Green, and I didn’t mean to summon a demon. Well, okay, I did, but only because I was desperate for a date to the Brixton Academy Annual Fall Ball. (It’s a long story.) But I didn’t expect to get stuck with him. Worse, the summoning spell won’t let us get very far apart from each other, so now he’s living in my dorm, where I’m definitely not supposed to have boys over. Especially ones who are secretly demons. And not so secretly jerks. Okay, that part’s not actually prohibited by school rules, but it probably should be. I mean, why couldn’t I get stuck with a nice demon instead of one who constantly gets on my nerves?!

Now he’s going to all my classes with me, he’s seen all my deep dark secrets (well, a shrine to my ex, but whatever), and if I can’t find a way to unsummon him, like, pronto, he’s going to completely ruin my life. Oh, and on top of all that, my magic’s getting even wonkier than it already was. Except when I’m casting forbidden black magic, and then it works a little too well. So, that’s a thing. And if I can’t figure out why this is happening to me, or why my parents are keeping secrets about our ancestry—thanks for that, guys—well, let’s just say that having a snarky demon on my hands is going to be the least of my worries.

Read now on Kindle or in KU.