Back from the pony convention!  Not that I was really gone, since I live here, but whatever.

For those of you who don’t know, Everfree NW is the local My Little Pony convention.  I used to watch the original My Little Pony back in the early 80s, though I find that one doesn’t really hold up that well now that I’m an adult.  But the new version of the show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, is AMAZING.  It’s on Netflix.  Go check it out if you’ve never seen it.

Anyway, this was my first time at Everfree and my first time being a vendor at a  con.  (I make crocheted pony plushies.)  I only saw the dealer’s room, but that’s my favorite part of conventions, plus the con pretty much came to me.  VIPs from the show came by and complimented my ponies.  The people from Friendship is Witchcraft stopped by, too (they re-edit episodes of the show and dub over them and it’s HILARIOUS and my favorite fan-made thing).  And Peter New, the voice of Big Macintosh, came by and let me take a pic of him with my Big Macintosh plushie.
 photo PeterNewwithBigMacintosh-cropped_zps9f1dadf6.jpg

There was also a Sweet Apple Acres booth on the other side of the vendor’s hall, and a lady dressed up like Granny Smith.  Every so often she’d shout that it was Cider Season, and for a limited time they’d sell little bottles of Apple Family cider, just like on the show.  It was good times.  And from my booth I met lots of cool people and saw lots of amazing costumes.

I had some Renegade X bookmarks on my table and told a few people that I was a writer and gave them one.  Which was maybe a mistake, because I kept getting that, “Oh God, not another terrible writer–please strike me down before they start talking about their book!” look from people, which I haven’t gotten since before I was published.  It wasn’t all their fault, though, since I’m horrible at telling people about my successes.  (I blame  the kids in elementary school and junior high who would come up to me and, in a mean, accusing voice, say, “You get straight As, don’t you?”  Which, for the record, I didn’t, but that wasn’t really the point.)  I always forget to mention the important stuff, like that I’m actually published and that Disney Channel is working on the movie.  Oh, yeah, and that it’s freaking hilarious.

Oh, well.  I like to think if they do end up looking up my book and reading the sample that they will be pleasantly blown away.  Because, I mean, making cute crocheted toys is cool and all, but it doesn’t take nearly as much time and effort to learn as making awesome books does.

What are your successes?  What skillz do you have that other people underestimate?

So I was at the store earlier today and saw one of the horrendously non-canon toys Hasbro makes for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  They have a talking Princess Celestia who is not only the wrong color (she’s white, not pink, in the show), but when you press the button sticking out of her flank, she says the stupidest, most vapid things that are SO NOT LIKE HER in the show AT ALL.  When I pushed the button, she said, “My wings are so pretty!”  And I laughed out loud in the store because it was just so wrong.  I pushed it again and her wings lit up with flashing lights and she said, “I will light the way.”

Princess Celestia is normally the wise Christopher Robin type character of the show who’s older and more level-headed than most of the other characters.  The Gandalf, the Dumbledore.  You get the idea.  Imagine Dumbledore saying, “My wings are so pretty!” like he means it.

I mean, WTF?  Where do they come up with these awful toys?  It’s like they’re designed by people who have not only never seen the show, but were maybe shown a five second glimpse of what the character looked like, then, a month later, told to remake the character from memory. O__o

Would I have liked this toy as a kid?  Maybe.  I would have been happy to have a pony princess who was both a unicorn and a pegasus, and the light up wings would have earned it major points.  But the fact that she’s not canon would not have sat well with me.  The pink body, the completely wrong colored hair…  That would have bothered the hell out of me!

Here’s a convenient video of all her sayings that I found on YouTube: