Is it seriously October already?

Not just October, but almost the middle of October. Definitely past the 1/4 point at any rate.

You know what I didn’t realize until just the other day? That fall smell–the kind of weird sweetish smell that smells really good–is actually the leaves that have fallen to the ground. Who knew? Okay, everyone knew but me because I know I’ve read books where the characters will mention the smell of the leaves, and I was always like, “Wha? The leaves have a smell? Why have I never smelled this?” At the same time, I’ve been wondering for over a decade what kind of plant made that wonderful smell in the fall and why I could never actually *find* it. Well, now the mystery is solved.

Occasionally I dream that my pets that have died over the years are still alive and it turns out I’ve been not feeding them for years (since I haven’t been in real life, since they’re, you know, dead). Last night was a double whammy because I dreamed both the dog and all the fish were still alive and I was so horrified to find out I’d been neglecting all of them for so long.

Also I discovered that students can get a year’s subscription to Amazon Prime for FREE. Which is awesome because I happen to be a student right now and because students really need that free two day shipping. I don’t think I’ve ever had the money to buy books before financial aid or loans or whatever shows up, and that’s never until after school’s started (sometimes several days after). So yay for that!

I watched a trailer for Diablo III last night. There were copious amounts of drool. I’d pre-order it if it had an actual release date (maybe it does, but I didn’t see one on Amazon). What I am thinking about pre-ordering (and by “thinking about” I mean “totally going to”) is Epic Mickey. It looks so awesome and creepy.

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