Neti Pot + Cats = O__o

I was using the Neti Pot just now and Teisel, the 20lb Bengal, decided the saline solution flowing out my nose was the best thing ever. :/ I was like, “GO AWAY!” and he was like, “OM NOM NOM” and wouldn’t go away. I tried letting the solution drip on him, but that didn’t faze him, he just flicked his ear a little. So he’s there, crowding the sink, while The Kitten is off in the corner, mewling and making noise, and I’m still like, “OMG, GO AWAY!” and nobody was going away. Teisel wasn’t going to leave his wonderful new fountain that was COMING OUT OF MY NOSE. :/ And then I was like snorting out the excess solution in between pourings, and Teisel was still cool with that (OM NOM NOM), and then Kitten came over to watch and was all fascinated, like me using Neti Pot was even more interesting than watching the toilet flush, and meanwhile Teisel’s still crowding the sink and refusing to be pushed away. At that point the Neti Pot was mostly empty anyway and I gave up. Once I turned the water on to rinse everything out, Teisel bolted, though Kitten stayed, so as not to miss out on any more fascinating water movements. These cats, I tell you!

P.S. Just so everybody knows, he didn’t really drink very much of the saline solution, and I totally rinsed out the sink afterwards so he can’t go back for more.

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  1. Puss in Boots

    He’s not going to go to the sink for more saline solution. He’s going to go straight to the source: your nostrils.

    Don’t be surprised if you wake up with a twenty pound cat wedged into your face.

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