I just wanted a date for the dance and now I have to live with a demon??!

I’m Isabel Green, and I didn’t mean to summon a demon. Well, okay, I did, but only because I was desperate for a date to the Brixton Academy Annual Fall Ball. (It’s a long story.) I just didn’t actually think it would work. Because, like, my magic never works right, and it gave everyone at school food poisoning (another long story). I’m basically the last person who should have been able to summon anyone, let alone a powerful demon. And I certainly didn’t expect to get stuck with him.

Worse, the summoning spell won’t let us get very far apart from each other, so now he’s living in my dorm, where I’m definitely not supposed to have boys over. Especially ones who are secretly demons. And not so secretly jerks. Okay, that part’s not actually prohibited by school rules, but it probably should be. I mean, why couldn’t I get stuck with a nice demon instead of one who constantly gets on my nerves?! Even if he is, um, super hot.

Now he’s going to all my classes with me, he’s seen all my deep dark secrets (well, a shrine to my ex, but whatever), and if I can’t find a way to unsummon him, like, pronto, he’s going to completely ruin my life. Oh, and on top of all that, my magic’s getting even wonkier than it already was. Except when I’m casting forbidden black magic, and then it works a little too well. So, that’s a thing. And if I can’t figure out why this is happening to me, or why my parents are keeping secrets about our ancestry–thanks for that, guys–well, let’s just say that having a snarky demon on my hands is going to be the least of my worries.