If you’ve read The Trials of Renegade X, then you probably saw all those awesome names of superheroes and supervillains in the back, and maybe you thought, “Who are these people? I’m a superhero or villain, and I live in Golden City–why isn’t MY name in here???”

Well, maybe you didn’t think that exactly, but if you wanted to be on that list, you’ve got a second chance, because the Kickstarter for The Betrayal of Renegade X is now live!

 photo 5100ee81-bd2e-4290-a4ca-05b1ee55e83d_zpssqk8chs6.jpg
Kitten’s name is not in here. He is not amused.

The Kickstarter is the ONLY way to pre-order the book, AND you also get to read it a couple weeks before it goes on sale.

You can get ebooks, signed and embossed paperbacks, or signed and embossed hardbacks of any/all of the Renegade X books. (If you’ve never seen a signed book from me, I have embossing stamps based on if you’re a hero, a villain, or something else…)

There’s also a very limited reward tier where you get to name a character in book 3. These go fast (it’s day two and there are only 2 out of 3 spots left), so if you want to be in a Renegade X book, get it before it’s gone.


A 7th grade noir detective. A femme – er, fille – fatale. A PTA mafia. Not your average mystery.

Harper Madigan: Junior High Private Eye comes out in ebook on March 2nd, which is this Friday, and also my birthday! (The paperback version will be out later this month, for anyone who’d rather have a physical copy. Or, you know, both–I won’t stop you.) The ebook is $3.99 and will be available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and Smashwords. I did not know you could buy books on Goodreads, but apparently you can!

To celebrate the release, I’m going to have a Twitter contest and am giving away 10 epub copies and 1 grand prize of an epub and a signed paperback, once it’s available. The contest will start on Friday and run through Sunday, and all you’ll have to do to enter is RT the contest tweet (which I will be posting here and tweeting on Friday). You can RT the contest tweet once per day to get extra entries (up to 3 total). Winners will be posted on the blog on Monday!

I announced some exclusive information about the Renegade X sequel over at Laura’s Review Bookshelf, mainly that there WILL be one. Head over and check out my post to find out what this means for readers and what the book’s about.

Also head over there to enter to win a special annotated copy of The Rise of Renegade X! I’ve gone through a copy of the book and scribbled behind the scenes notes and drawn pictures all over it. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for the Renegade X lover or aspiring writer in your life, if you, you know, aren’t selfish like me and wouldn’t want it for yourself. Three runners up will also win swag packs. The contest runs from now until December 11th, so go check it out!

Here are a few teaser pics of the annotated book:

The first page.

A close-up of the cake building.

Don’t cry, PB&J, you’ll taste even worse if you’re soggy!

Three winners will also win a swag pack like this one!

I was using the Neti Pot just now and Teisel, the 20lb Bengal, decided the saline solution flowing out my nose was the best thing ever. :/ I was like, “GO AWAY!” and he was like, “OM NOM NOM” and wouldn’t go away. I tried letting the solution drip on him, but that didn’t faze him, he just flicked his ear a little. So he’s there, crowding the sink, while The Kitten is off in the corner, mewling and making noise, and I’m still like, “OMG, GO AWAY!” and nobody was going away. Teisel wasn’t going to leave his wonderful new fountain that was COMING OUT OF MY NOSE. :/ And then I was like snorting out the excess solution in between pourings, and Teisel was still cool with that (OM NOM NOM), and then Kitten came over to watch and was all fascinated, like me using Neti Pot was even more interesting than watching the toilet flush, and meanwhile Teisel’s still crowding the sink and refusing to be pushed away. At that point the Neti Pot was mostly empty anyway and I gave up. Once I turned the water on to rinse everything out, Teisel bolted, though Kitten stayed, so as not to miss out on any more fascinating water movements. These cats, I tell you!

P.S. Just so everybody knows, he didn’t really drink very much of the saline solution, and I totally rinsed out the sink afterwards so he can’t go back for more.

Since I started my yarn diet, I’ve been buying more books instead of yarn. I suspect at the end of the yarn diet I will need a book diet, but there are worse things to need a diet from. *glances accusingly at fridge* Anyway, here’s what I’ve got to read right now.

Bought from my trip to B&N last night:

Red Riding Hood – yeah, like the movie. It’s not exactly a tie-in, because while the director was working on the movie, she asked her friend to write a novel version, so they’re kind of simultaneous. Or something like that. Anyway, the writing is decent enough, though there’s some head hopping. I’m only a couple chapters in, so hopefully it will deliver on being dark and scary and maybe sexay.

Mr. Monk is Cleaned Out by Lee Goldberg – Number 10 in the Monk series (based on the TV show). This series is amazing. I was skeptical the first time I picked one up, but it’s just as funny and well done as the show.

Library (all ebooks):

Mr. Monk is in Trouble and Mr. Monk and the Dirty Cop by Lee Goldberg – books 8 and 9 in the series, which I haven’t read yet but thought I would before reading 10. It turns out the library had them on ebook so I snatched them up.

Dust City by Robert Paul Weston – I don’t know much about this book, other than it’s about a teen werewolf trying to solve a mystery and prove his dad was framed for the murder of Little Red Riding Hood. (And now I have one of those moments where I go, “Huh… am I, like, into werewolf books?? Or just little red riding hood books?”) This book could be awesome or it could be awful, or it could be awful in an awesome way, which is sometimes my kind of awesome.


Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins – I’ve been hearing SO MANY good things about this book. I read a sample on my nook and loved it, so I don’t doubt that I’ll become a member of the Anna fan club. (Or is it a St. Clair fan club?)

Want want want:

Warped by Maurissa Guibord – I like to refer for Maurissa as “My Elevensie” because she was the Elevensie who interviewed me about Renegade X. And her book is about a UNICORN TAPESTRY and VERY OLD BOOKS and there might even be a HOT BOY. *ahem* Anyway, I read the ebook sample on my nook and I am in lurve. Will buy as soon as I get through some of the above books and don’t feel overwhelmed.

As for my yarn diet… I had 199 skeins, BUT that’s not including the skeins that are still supposedly on their way to me in the mail. (And there’s also the skein I need to finish up the commission I’m working on, but that doesn’t count.) Which will bring it up to 204. And then I finished the hat I was making, and since I didn’t count any skeins that were literally attached to working projects, but then had leftover yarn when I cut the strings… that adds another three to my list. So, my real total is 207. O__o (Remind me not to finish any more projects…) BUT I used up one giant skein of peach, so I’m at 206. I’m making a lace blanket that was in Vogue’s knit.1 last summer. It looks good in pastels and uses giant needles, so I used up my peach skein (which *might* smell kind of like bug spray from sitting at my parents’ house, soaking in cigarette smoke, for 30 years) and now am using two pink skeins at once. I haven’t done a lot of knitting with two strands at the same time, but I figured now was a good time to experiment, especially since my goal is to use up yarn, not save it for later. I kind of like it. Next I’m hoping to do something with crochet.

Yesterday I participated in a book discussion and signing with fellow Washington Tenners, Karen Kincy, Denise Jaden, Mindi Scott, and Kimberly Derting. We all had a great time, answered questions for over an hour, and signed some books.

Ignore how weird I look in this pic. I do not photograph well, nor can I smile on cue. And that’s Karen’s pooka sitting on my shoulder. (Though in the picture it’s kind of hard to see and could maybe be mistaken for a clawed hand or something. But I assure you, it’s a cute little pooka.)

I don’t know how well you can see the hat I’m wearing in the picture, so here’s a close-up. It was really easy to make and think it turned out pretty good:

I got lazy after I made the first leaf and looked up how to make vines, but I’m glad I did because vines are awesome and vines hanging off of hats are extra awesome.

Not just October, but almost the middle of October. Definitely past the 1/4 point at any rate.

You know what I didn’t realize until just the other day? That fall smell–the kind of weird sweetish smell that smells really good–is actually the leaves that have fallen to the ground. Who knew? Okay, everyone knew but me because I know I’ve read books where the characters will mention the smell of the leaves, and I was always like, “Wha? The leaves have a smell? Why have I never smelled this?” At the same time, I’ve been wondering for over a decade what kind of plant made that wonderful smell in the fall and why I could never actually *find* it. Well, now the mystery is solved.

Occasionally I dream that my pets that have died over the years are still alive and it turns out I’ve been not feeding them for years (since I haven’t been in real life, since they’re, you know, dead). Last night was a double whammy because I dreamed both the dog and all the fish were still alive and I was so horrified to find out I’d been neglecting all of them for so long.

Also I discovered that students can get a year’s subscription to Amazon Prime for FREE. Which is awesome because I happen to be a student right now and because students really need that free two day shipping. I don’t think I’ve ever had the money to buy books before financial aid or loans or whatever shows up, and that’s never until after school’s started (sometimes several days after). So yay for that!

I watched a trailer for Diablo III last night. There were copious amounts of drool. I’d pre-order it if it had an actual release date (maybe it does, but I didn’t see one on Amazon). What I am thinking about pre-ordering (and by “thinking about” I mean “totally going to”) is Epic Mickey. It looks so awesome and creepy.

Yep, it’s that time again! Back to school, and today was my first day at the University of Washington.

But, Chelsea, didn’t you claim you were NEVER GOING TO SCHOOL AGAIN?

Ha… ha… Did I say that? I might have maybe said something like that once or… lots of times. Ahem. But nevertheless I am back in school, taking more Latin classes to improve my language skills while I apply to grad school for next fall.

The UW campus, it turns out, is freaking gorgeous! It was so beautiful. All the buildings are very majestic and look like castles and cathedrals. It was a nice sunny day while also smelling crisp like fall, and there were orange and red autumn leaves drifting off the trees. It was amazing, and at first I was worried I wouldn’t have anything to do, since I got there an hour early, but I was more than happy to wander around campus, checking out the scenery and my new academic digs, so to speak.

Latin class was fun. Though I think I may have made the Roman Drama teacher think I’m an idiot, because after class I stopped to ask her if we really *needed* to buy the books or if we could just print off the texts from the internet (the beauty of reading thousands of year old texts–no copyrights), and she explained how useful the comments in the books were and how the editor put in all the meter marks in the text. I wanted to mention that I had a degree and had taken poetry composition classes and knew how to read meter, and had also read comedy before, and that I wasn’t trying to get out of learning, just save money, but I couldn’t think of a good way to say it, so I figured I’d better keep my mouth shut. But then I had to go and ask how the class works and if we read through the lines on our own and then come to class and read together, and at that point I think she thought I was a complete noob instead of someone trying to make sure they weren’t going to embarrass themselves by not knowing this particular school’s routine. Ah, well.

I’ve also been chipping away at my self-imposed Shades of Rome revisions. I put this book down a couple months ago because I couldn’t stand to look at it anymore and I was *sure* that all my revisions were stupid and just mucking everything up instead of helping. Well, okay, I wasn’t *sure*, but that was the problem, not being sure. Maybe they were awesome or maybe they sucked and I just couldn’t tell anymore. So I had to set it aside, and then it was like eating too much of something where later you can’t stand to even look at that food without wanting to barf. But, um, a few weeks ago I started reading it again and it turns out the revisions I made are leaning much more towards the “this is awesome!” side than the sucks side. I was actually really happy with them–I couldn’t put it down–so now I just need to finish putting an ending on it, since the old one had to go.

Oh, yeah, and since the last time I blogged (note to self: blog more, for reals this time) I took the GRE! I’d been studying for it for about six weeks, and after a while I realized I was treating it as if I was preparing for battle. Which I guess I was, but still. It was pretty grueling and took me three and a half hours. But I think I did a decent job on the essay section, and I got a 700 on the verbal and 610 on the math sections. Not bad, I say, and it put me a little over my goal. *phew* So now I just have to write a kick-ass personal statement, get recommendation letters, and, oh yeah, figure out which schools I want to apply to besides the University of Washington.

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