Check this sucker out:

From Drop Box

That’s my book! It smells like trees–well, newly dead trees, which is a fresh smell for a book–and it has 352 pages. The beginning of each chapter has a black and white silhouette of the city skyline from the cover, and the scene breaks are done with Xs, like this:


except in Renegade X font.

My favorite part is reading it. I LOVE this book and I love getting to see my words on the page and just see everything I wrote on the computer, back when I was unpublished and it was just words in my head and I was just putting them down one after the other until there was a book. It seems so unreal sometimes, that all the big important life changing things in life can start with simple things that nobody else tells you to do, but that you just do because it’s what you want to be doing. I don’t know if that’s making sense, but this concept always fascinates me. The idea that big important things just happen at home or get started there, possibly by someone in their pajamas.

My camera died after only one picture, and both batteries are dead and both chargers are nowhere to be found–argh!–so my descriptions will have to do for now. But trust me, it’s awesome. I have one stressful errand type thing left to run today, and then I get to come home and read this baby!

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