More ARCs

Pictures of the box of ARCs that arrived today, both in their box and out of their box:

From Drop Box
From Drop Box

I have ten ARCs in this box for marketing and promotional purposes–which is a pretty decent amount, considering that a lot of authors only get one or two, and considering how much it costs to make an ARC (pretty close to the price of an actual book–see Alex Bracken’s post on ARCs)–and six months until the book actually comes out. Very exciting in a What Now kind of way.

  1. Dani

    Ahhhhhh, so pretty. Did you do the “I’m so happy” dance yet, because ita a musy once you get your ARCs, especially that many! :)

  2. Chelsea Campbell

    Hehe, sort of! Mostly I grabbed the box off the porch and started telling the cats, “OMG, guys, do you know what this is?” But they’re cats, so they only cared that it smelled different.

  3. Okie

    AWESOME!!! Congratulations. That must be so exciting. :)

  4. Jill

    I would’ve just sat and stared at them with my mouth hanging open or saying “wow, wow, wow” over and over and over :)

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