I may have opened the door to find three boxes of books and shouted YES! for all the neighbors to hear. Except I don’t think they were listening. But here they are, my shiny new hardback copies of The Rise of Renegade X!

Here they are in their boxes. I was not impressed with FedEx’s handling of said boxes, since they were kind of falling apart, but oh well.

Here’s one on my favorite photo location, the cat tree:

And spread out so you can see the wrap around cover:

A couple of them in a stack, a book’s natural positon:

Ta da! And, as a bonus, here’s the summary listed on the copyright page. I think they did a good job:

Expecting to become a supervillain on his sixteenth birthday, Damien Locke, son of one of Golden City’s most notorious supervillains, is horrified to discover that he may instead be destined to become a superhero.

  1. Kelsey

    OMG, how awesome is that? I can’t wait to get my own shiny copy :)

  2. Liyana

    Ahhh, look at how sturdy it is. Full of riches the world will soon know. Bwahahhaha!

  3. Jill

    I want one!!!! I’ve wanted this book since I saw the trailer you made for it. Can’t wait for it to get to the stores!

  4. Mindi Scott

    So excited for you, Chels! (Can I call you “Chels”?)

    I can’t fricken wait to read that fricken book!

  5. Mindi Scott

    Oh, good. And here I thought I was being original!

    (I’m kidding; I knew I wasn’t. :-D)

  6. Dani

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! Those are hands down the coolest things I’ve seen all day! Soooo pretty! I am in NEED of one! May 11th can’t come soon enough:)

  7. Nelsa

    They’re beautiful!!! Congratulations! Can’t wait to read it!

  8. Lenore

    SHINY! I can’t wait see it in person! And read it of course :)

  9. Okie

    That is so awesome! Congratulations!!!

  10. Dia

    Damien’s such a cutie patootie. But OMG don’t tell him I said that. o_O

  11. Angelina C. Hansen

    The same day Denise J. gave me your bookmark, your gorgeous pile of books arrived. I look forward to reading it and sharing it with my favorite book-loving nephews. I hear we live in the same neck of the woods. I’m the new SCBWI network coordinator up here and would love to meet you sometime. Will you be doing an event at VB?

  12. Chelsea Campbell

    I don’t have any events planned for VB at the moment, but maybe in the future! Either way, it would be cool to meet up sometime–meeting book people is always awesome. ;)

  13. Angelina C. Hansen

    Cool. I’m in town on Fridays. Late PM coffee shop date? Let me know: (yascribe at comcast dot net).

  14. Jeff Sampson

    Oh wow that looks super awesome. I just followed your link on the Blue Board to here, saw the cover, read the summary, and now I must own this book!

  15. Sean

    That’s a great looking cover. I’m new here, so I apologize if this has already been covered, but– who drew it? It’s fantastic.

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