What Happened to Demon in My Dorm Room 2?

I’ve put off writing this post because I hate feeling like I’m disappointing anybody or letting anyone down, and I know people were waiting for this book, but… it’s just not happening. I got kind of burnt out on these books working really hard on book 1 and the first half of book 2–maybe more than I realized–and while I was taking a break, life stuff happened, and a beloved pet died, and when I came back to work on this, I felt like a different person, and writing each scene was more and more of an uphill battle.

Which sucks, because there were a bunch of really fun, cute scenes I wanted everyone to read! But continuing with it felt forced and like I was just burning myself out even more, and it didn’t feel fair to these characters I love, or to the readers.

It was really hard to hit the “unpublish” button on the pre-order, and I’m so sorry to everyone who was waiting for this one. Maybe someday I’ll find a way to share what I have written and tie up loose ends, but for now, at least, it has to go to the back burner.

  1. Sarah Bailey

    You focus on you. I read the first book yesterday and was so attached to the book that I finished it in one sitting. I’ll keep waiting as long as it takes. Thank you for the adventure!

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