Something cover-ish this way comes!

I heard a rumor (well, okay, my agent told me) that I’m going to get to see my COVER, hopefully by tomorrow but for sure by next week.  OMG, I may die of excitement and/or OD on refreshing my inbox.  (If you refresh your inbox more than 2,000 times a day, you will die.  It is a FACT.)  I hear my editor is really excited about the cover.  I mean, hopefully they wouldn’t send it to me if they weren’t excited about it.  But it still feels good to hear that they’re super psyched about everything.

Also I have some other unrelated book stuff I might hear about next week that is a bit more nervewracking, but in a good way.  Unless the news is bad, and then not in a good way.  Hence the nervewracking part.  But it is probably secret news right now, so that’s all I’m gonna say.

In other news I think I’m going to see 9 today.  Hopefully I’ll be able to concentrate on stuffing my face with popcorn and won’t be thinking about my inbox.

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