Mr. Umpkin

While I am being tres tres zen and calmly not climbing the walls or biting my nails or refreshing my inbox a million times as I wait for a very important e-mail, I thought I’d introduce you to my fall visitor, Ugly P. Umpkin:

From Drop Box

Ugly P. is a PWA–pumpkin with ATTITUDE!  Look at that ‘tude!  He is so smug and full of himself in that photo.  I tried to get a more humble picture of him–I told him it would be better for his rep–but he just can’t tone it down.

Ugly P. Umpkin (the P. stands for Pumpkin–what’s it to ya?) grew up on the wrong side of the p-patch.  You have to be tough to survive there.  You have to have lots of guts and be willing to put all your seeds on the line whenever things get dicey.  True story, Ugly P.’s cousin got nibbed by a deer.  Took one bite out of his head for fun and then left the body for dead.  O__o

But all that’s in the past.  Ugly P.’s outta the p-patch and seeing the world.  He hopes to lead a more carefree, genteel life of smugness and badassitude than he did back in the vines.

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