Wherein I answer common questions and clear up common misconceptions about The Rise of Renegade X

Is this a series or what? How many books will there be?

Yep, it’s a series. An ongoing one, which means I don’t actually have a definitive number of books I plan to write. But I can tell you that book 3 definitely won’t be the last.

How did you come up with the idea for this book?

I was in the car listening to My Chemical Romance, and in the first song on The Black Parade, there’s this part where they’re emo-screaming “Save me!” and I’d heard it a bunch of times, but that time something just clicked, and I started thinking about how everyone has something they need to be saved from, at some point or another, even if they don’t look like it from the outside. (The fact that I hate driving but was having to do it at that moment probably helped with this.) I started thinking about how I wanted to write about a bad guy who really got this concept and who had to save people, despite being a villain.

I went home and started writing and the idea quickly morphed into a book about a supervillain teen whose life gets turned upside down when he discovers his long lost dad is a superhero and that he has to go stay with him.

This book looks like a comic book. Is it a comic book?

It’s actually not! While I’m thrilled that I could pretend to be a graphic novelist and maybe get away with it for five minutes, The Rise of Renegade X is full of words. (Over 80,000 of them!)

I don’t like superheroes—will I like this book?

Hey, the main character is a villain and doesn’t like superheroes either, so you will probably relate! But in all seriousness, so far I’ve heard from both superhero lovers and haters alike who really enjoyed this book (the hero haters were just, you know, surprised about it).

This book looks kind of childish. It’s for younger kids, right?

Nope. The book is rated 14+ and is chock full of sexual references and math jokes. Mainly I wrote this book to amuse my 20-something friends and to have a good time doing it, so while it’s appropriate for teens and I would still hand it to someone under the 14+ age range, it’s definitely not aimed at young children. There’s really nothing graphic and there’s no swearing, but there is underage drinking and a little bit of violence, so how you rate it depends on your sensibilities.

I teach 7th grade. Is this book appropriate for my class?

Maybe! Like I said above, it’s rated 14+, but it really depends on what you consider to be okay or not. The best way to find out is to read the book, but you can start with the sample chapter. If it gets your inappropriate senses tingling, then the rest of the book will too.

This book is only for boys, isn’t it?

Nope! I really hope boys will like this book, but I happen to be a girl and therefore can’t help but write books I think other girls will like, even if the main character is a boy.

12 Responses to The Rise of Renegade X FAQ

  • I got 2 Questions

    1. How many copys???

    2. If you write one now then put it on shelfs say at 100,000 copys sold

    Or now

  • I bought your book yesterday, and finished it in hours! It was amazing and inspired me to write some of my own stories. I hope you do write a squeal.

    Your fan-Ally

  • I borrowed Renegade X from the library yesterday (since they didn’t have ‘The Prince and the Pauper [which I got weird looks for asking for it] and because I plan on writing a story where superheroes are sort of involved [long story]) and I just finished it. It was a good read and thanks to my accursed ability to read wicked fast (having finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in less than 12 hours, which included several breaks to complain about it) I now have nothing to really sink my teeth into.
    I aspire to become an author and I’m wondering, how did you net a literary agent & a publisher? I’m looking for all the help I can in that field so that I could become published and therefore technically have a job.

    Good luck with the WoW.

    – Sam ‘Soren Alenko’ K.

  • I got Renegade X from the library. It was in the “New” section and looked cool, so I picked it up. I finished it pretty quickly, and I loved it a lot. Even if you don’t write a sequel (cuz sequels usually suck anyway) I hope you keep writing books in general.

    I laughed so hard when I read the question about the 7th grade class. It is so NOT appropriate.

  • Personely I’m hoping to write a ton of books myself. :) This is probably the
    only ‘true’ antihero book I’ve seen out there besides the darth bane books.
    My goal in terms of antihero book is to makea series with some of the most
    twisted stuff you’ve ever seen. And I’ve got a pretty vivid imagination. >:)
    I was wondering though if you do make a second book could you give me an
    idea of what it would be about? I mean does renegade go to heroesworth by any chance?

  • Can u please write a sequel? I loved your book and read it in about two hours, it was awesomly good, and I’m considering it as my favorite book of all time, and theres only about three books in the running. I love the parts with Kat (except for the one where Damien made Kat cry) and I really look forward to seeing things get complicated, like Kat and Damien getting old enough to marry, or that Damien gets an H but still has kids with Kat that get Xs. Also, another fun idea I thought of was Damien getting another super power. I skipped to the end and I saw that Damien talked to the sharks, so I thought he had the ability to talk to sharks as well as flying. The point is, I believe you can make an awesome sequel, and I’ll like it, no matter how bad everyone says it is. I’ll go 100 percent even if I don’t like it too much, so you can’t count on me being one of your best fans, no matter what happens.
    Your fan,

  • in my last comment i meant can in the end, not can’t

  • Aw, thanks! Your support means a lot to me, and I’m honored that my book is in the running for your all time favorite!


  • I absolutely loved this book. I’ve read it like 3 times :) I liked how you ended how he changed. His mind from the beginning. 1 question can u tell us anything about the sequel?

  • Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed my book and read it 3 times! :D

    As for the sequel, I can tell you Damien goes to Heroesworth and that he gets a second power–a villain power this time. ;)

  • can u say the exact date of the release of the squeal?

  • I don’t know the exact date yet, but as soon as I do, I’ll post it here! You can also sign up for my newsletter (see the top right corner of the site), and get notified the minute the book is available.

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