The Betrayal of Renegade X is Out Today!!!

The day is finally here! At least, if you’ve been waiting for the ebook. If you’re waiting for the paperback or hardcover, those will take a little longer. (My current estimate is about one week for the paperback and two or three for the hardback.)

This book has been so long in the making, and I’m so excited to finally get to share it with everyone!

Available now at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, or iTunes.


Damien thinks he has the whole hero thing figured out—he’s getting good grades at Heroesworth and acing all his missions—at least until he zaps an unarmed bad guy he believes tortured and murdered children. It turns out the “bad guy” was actually a superhero working with the school. The mission was staged, and Damien blew it. 

Now his best friend refuses to work with him, his dad is considering getting him professional help, and everyone’s questioning whether or not he has a future as a hero—including his grandpa, who will do anything to ensure Damien’s future lies in villainy. His grandpa creates a villain organization called the Truth, intent on exposing the way heroes really treat villains. But when the Truth launches its plan and the whole city erupts in chaos, Damien is caught between the opposing sides, and his future is anything but certain. 

With heroes and villains bent on destroying each other, it’s up to him to do whatever it takes to stop the fighting, even if it means betraying the people closest to him.

  1. kao

    Glad to read the book and enjoyed it immensely. I was heartened to find that it suddenly appeared in my “new” release section when I started looking for new books to read. And I just had to buy it. Glad I did.

    Now I do have a few thoughts:

    Will we see more evolution of the powers of our heroes? Will they develop more control? Currently it seems we have less control and more flailing around. For a super evil kind of genius in Damien, it seems he’s slacking off in training his own powers and abilities, which are his greatest assets.

    And then take our young Amelia, at first glance her power seems tame. But…when you consider she can easily set up a stash or Vault of useful items to call whenever she needs it. Need a taser? Easy, she calls for one. A heavy mallet? Got it. Trash bags? Yep. Duct tape? That too. Or when things get truly serious: heavy or light assault weapons and ammo clips(course that’s probably much later in her career when she goes after the really baddies). She can be a tremendous asset to any field team. Yet it seems she get’s short changed and I feel that she can be a much stronger member than she’s given credit for. And here’s my vote to code name her: Vault. :)

    Here’s hoping to more Renegade stories.


  2. Hannah

    R u going to continue the Renagade X series?

  3. Kazimir Pumphrey

    When will this come out on Audio

    • Chelsea Campbell

      My current best guess is maybe sometime next spring, but it depends on when book 4 comes out and when my narrator is available to work on it.

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