A new expletive for the masses – aka WTB?

Since there are quite a few expletives that have to do with bodily functions, today I ask, why not barfing? It seems to me it’s been overlooked.

Like, you could say, “Who left this barfing skateboard on the stairs?! I could have broken my barfing neck!” Or “I have to go to the barfing grocery store AGAIN. It’s the fifth barfing time this week.”

And instead of WTF or WTH, we could have WTB–what the barf? “What the barf are these toadstools doing growing in my yard?!” (I barfing hate those things. *shudder*)

It could also be an insult, like, “You know that guy on American Idol last night? What a barfer!” And, for a full strength insult, there’s always “motherbarfer.” “Those barfing kids better get their motherbarfing toys off of my lawn!”

All in all, I think the English language is ripe for a fresh expletive, and it’s time for barfing to stand up and fill that role.

  1. Mindi Scott

    I don’t know. I WANT to get onboard with this, but I’m so much more a “puke” girl myself.

    What the puke?

  2. Steph Su

    I feel like I’ve definitely used WTB before… only I say it “What the butt?!”

    Ahh, rhyme.. :)

  3. Puss in Boots

    I prefer clinical terms, like vomit.


    “Vomit you and the horse you rode in on!”

  4. Sarah Enni

    GENIUS. This has officially surpassed “What the French, toast?” as my favorite at-the-office “swearing” terminology.

  5. Chelsea Campbell

    LOL. I like “What the French, toast?” – I might have to start using that.

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