Pretty Sure

I’m pretty sure my neighbor is a vampire.  Not the drug dealing, overly “helpful” neighbor who says he has spy cameras pointed at our house, but the other one.    The one that’s always awake and never sleeps.  I know because I’m awake to see him being awake and suspect him of vampirism.  He sits at the same window–which is also always open–all the time, so I can see that he’s up.  Yeah, he might obviously be on the computer while he’s sitting there, but who stays up all hours, never sleeping, glued to their computer?  Uh, yeah, well…  He also drives a pretty nice car, and if there’s anything I learned from Twilight, it’s that vampires drive nice cars.

P.S. Today while I was walking I saw a lady hurl a child’s sandal across the street into someone else’s yard.  And all of Bellingham smelled like ocean, except our street, which smells like fall.  We got fall earlier on our street than all the other streets.  Our leaves are already changed over–our trees are very punctual here.

EDIT: I spoke too soon.  The ocean smell has crept its way up our street too.

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