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Trip to the EMP and ALA

 photo EMP_zps8fcf10d3.jpg
Went to the EMP/Sci-fi Museum here in Seattle this week.  The sci-fi museum is probably my favorite museum ever because, well, to be perfectly honest, because it has things from TV.  And I love things from TV!  I mean, just look at that Dalek!  I got to see that in real life and it was so amazing.  Kinda shabby up close–was made in 1988–but still one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.

Another highlight from the trip was seeing Mr. Pointy and Nighthawk, two of the stakes used on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  (I mean, you remember Mr. Pointy, don’t you?)  I stared at these things for way too long!  There was supposed to be a spellbook from Buffy on display, too, but it had been put away “for conservation.”

 photo Buffy-MrPointyandNighthawk_zps30e9131f.jpg

There were lots of other cool things, too, like Superman’s costume from Superman IV, Shaun of the Dead’s shirt, and this creepy Pon Farr perfume I saw in the gift shop:

 photo PonFarr_zps168ec7c7.jpg

You can see more pics over on my Pinterest board.

This weekend was also ALA Midwinter here in Seattle.  Got to hang out with lots of people and scored a bunch of ARCs.  Didn’t get any writing done (sad), but feel refreshed and excited about books in general.